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The training program was a strategic move by OXO to address the escalating concerns surrounding waste management and its impact on the environment.
One of the most important and unique aspects of the One Global Resorts and OXO Living collaboration is the access to a large corporate consumer base and leisure market.
Discover the essence of OXO Hospitality - where the magic lies not just in the tangible aspects but in the warmth and genuine care that characterize true hospitality.
This position will be equipped with several tools, like a modern CRM system, and it offers a great chance to learn about the property industry from the seasoned experts within the company’s Sales team, as well as a chance to deal with local & international clients alike.
You and your team will be the first to meet our clients so the first impression of our company depends on your friendliness and efficiency.
Revolutionizing waste management, we're setting the standard for eco-friendly practices in all our properties, fostering a community-driven commitment to sustainability."
The Investment Proportion of Ecoverse presents a highly lucrative opportunity for potential investors, encompassing various dimensions that amplify the appeal of this distinctive venture.
Unveiling OXO's Clean Water Initiative – where luxury meets responsibility. Join us on a journey to redefine hospitality, one drop at a time.
In the heart of community engagement and the celebration of diverse expressions, OXO Workland has emerged as a hub for creativity, freedom of expression, and cultural exchange.
Join OXO in the global Fossil to Clean campaign as we champion the shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy solutions. Learn about our commitment to reducing carbon footprints and promoting clean alternatives.

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Sure Bali is cool, but have you been to Komodo National Park? Explore this natural wonder on Splendour, our raw-luxury pleasure yacht. Wildlife, nature, style, comfort and good times guaranteed – this is an opportunity to wind down the mind, dial-up the senses and pamper the soul. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime.