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Welcome to the OXO blog, a place to keep up to date about what inspires us. 


We have curated a selection of casual reads; articles, features, guides and events to feed your mind. Take a look and keep up to date with all things design and lifestyle that we find interesting.


Hiring Construction Project Manager

Experienced, reliable and smart Construction Project Manager to join our team in Bali. Responsible for overseeing, planning, managing and tracking the progress of a project.

The first crypto golf event in Bali

OXO invites you to join us for a day to learn more about the latest trends in crypto, play golf and socialize with top leaders in the cryptocurrency industry.

Property Ownership in Indonesia

Bali is not only a comprehensive travel and holiday destination, but foreigners are increasingly looking at Bali as a lifestyle investment opportunity.

A new reality. Working from home.

Maintaining a positive work atmosphere at home is more important now than ever. Take a look at these simple tips from The Spaces to make the best of your work routine.

A message from all of us at OXO.

The world is currently going through a period of consciousness transformation, and it is a rare and remarkable opportunity for us to make impactful changes as a united society.

Feel good and giving healthier drinking culture.

In a culturally advancing world where increasingly we are mindful about health, people are searching for more elevated ways to indulge in the social act of “drinking”.


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