OXO Living announces plans for “OXO The Residences” with architect Alexis Dornier

OXO Living, a visionary in boutique property development and management, proudly presents OXO The Residences, an ambitious IDR 500 billion (USD 31 million) venture set to rise in Bali’s picturesque Nyanyi area by late 2026.

The project, conceived in partnership with renowned architect Alexis Dornier, will boast 40 exclusive neo-luxury villas sprawled across two hectares, complete with state-of-the-art communal amenities. Reflecting OXO Living’s green credentials, the upcoming development will be equipped with solar panels, rainwater catchment areas, water treatment, osmosis water filters, and recycled or recyclable raw materials. Modern villas, ranging from 184 to 280 square metres, will be designed to appeal to a global clientele, with prices starting at IDR 7.5 billion (USD 500,000).

Located on the prime Balinese coastline in Tabanan, OXO The Residences is minutes from the central expat hub of Canggu, and from Tanah Lot with its many temples and cultural attractions. Also nearby is Nuanu City, a vibrant creative hub that champions thriveability on 44 hectares, offering a lifestyle where innovation converges with nature’s beauty. With a philosophy that nurtures creativity, fosters connections and promotes holistic well-being, the project is anticipated to be Bali’s next landmark destination, following the success of Canggu.

Johannes Weissenbaeck, Founder and CEO of OXO Living, said, “OXO The Residences is poised to redefine neo-luxury living in Bali. Our commitment to international standards ensures that our developments resonate with both local and global audiences. Residents of OXO The Residences will have exclusive access to the myriad of facilities that the nearby Nuanu City has to offer, enhancing their living experience.”

Indonesia’s Market Outlook

In a strategic pivot from its pre-pandemic focus on international clientele, OXO Living is now courting a predominantly domestic market with OXO The Residences, targeting an 80% local buyer base. This shift aligns with the robust growth of Indonesia’s residential property market, which Mordor Intelligence projects to expand from US$ 67 billion in 2023 to US$ 72 billion in 2024, and further to an estimated US$ 105.7 billion by 2029.

Research by Rumah123.com highlights that foreign property interests in Indonesia are primarily from Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, Australia, Malaysia, and Japan, with a preference for landed houses, land and apartments.

“Presently, Bali is undergoing a transformative shift in its property industry, fuelled by the emergence of the neo-luxury trend—a niche market that OXO Living is uniquely positioned to thrive in. Across all our completed OXO Living property projects, we’ve steadfastly embraced the principles of zero waste, solidifying our expertise in sustainable development.”

Elevating Comfort and Luxury to New Heights

Alexis Dornier, the visionary architect of OXO The Residences, shared his aspirations for the project. “Visually, our goal is to deliver a design that is both understated and emblematic. We aspire to create structures that harmonise with Bali’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, prioritising materials that are deeply rooted in the island’s identity and utilising local resources like the readily available bricks from Tabanan and the region’s distinctive volcanic stone.”

Dornier elaborates on the synergy between OXO Living and his design studio, “Our collaboration thrives on a shared commitment to sustainability. We believe in the ethos of ‘building less to create more value,’ ensuring our developments are in harmony with the environment.” This philosophy is the cornerstone of a partnership that seamlessly blends architectural innovation with ecological consciousness.

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