Leading the Way in Sustainable Living: OXO The Residences Sold Out in 1 Day

OXO Living set a new benchmark in sustainable real estate with the sell-out of all 40 units at OXO The Residences Nyanyi-Bali within one day of its launch.

A Testament to Sustainable Excellence

At OXO, sustainability is a core principle that guides our development and management practices. OXO The Residences exemplifies our dedication to creating environmentally friendly yet luxurious living spaces. Our villas are designed with cutting-edge green building principles, including solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and advanced water treatment facilities. These features ensure that our properties not only reduce environmental impact but also provide significant cost savings for owners through lower energy and water consumption.

High Demand and High Returns

The swift sell-out of our 40 luxury villas, ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms, demonstrates the market’s strong preference for sustainable living. Investors and homebuyers alike recognize the value of our properties, not just for their aesthetic and functional appeal but also for their high return on investment (ROI). With prices ranging from Rp 8 billion to Rp 16 billion per unit, these villas offer premium living experiences complemented by OXO Living’s exceptional property management services, ensuring consistent value appreciation.

Leading the Way in Green Real Estate

OXO The Residences is celebrated as the most sustainable real estate project in Southeast Asia. Following our commitment to green building standards, this project will be certified by the Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI). We are also actively pursuing international B Corp certification, affirming our dedication to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our projects, from construction to daily operations.

Overcoming Challenges for a Greener Future

Achieving such high standards of sustainability hasn’t been without its challenges. The initial financial outlay for sustainable technologies and materials is substantial. However, we believe that these investments are crucial for long-term environmental and economic benefits. Additionally, staying ahead of technological advancements requires continuous adaptation and learning. Educating and ensuring that our team, partners and clients understand and embrace these practices has also been an ongoing effort. Yet, these challenges have only strengthened our fundamental principle to lead by example in the real estate industry.

The Future of Sustainable Luxury Living

In summary, our success with OXO The Residences is a clear indicator of a broader shift in consumer preferences and it is evident that the future of luxury real estate lies in sustainability. As we continue to develop beautiful, eco-forward properties, as always we will strive to enhance the quality of life for our buyers whilst contributing positively to the environment.

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