OXO Women The Series: The Year of Woman

OXO Living marks its 5th anniversary by celebrating the Year of Woman, with 50% of management positions held by women. Our commitment to gender equality drives innovation and business success.

We recently celebrated our 5th anniversary, a significant milestone that reflects our growth and commitment to excellence and sustainability. This year, we have even more reason to celebrate as we highlight the incredible contributions of the women who make up a substantial part of our team. With 50% of our management level positions held by women and 42.8% of our corporate staff being women, this year truly is the Year of Woman at OXO.

Advancing Gender Equality

Gender equality is at the heart of OXO ’s values. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to better decision-making, greater innovation, and a more dynamic company culture. By ensuring equal opportunities for women at all levels of our organization, we are not just fulfilling a moral obligation but also driving our business success.

Women in Leadership

The presence of women in leadership roles at OXO Living has been transformative. Our female leaders bring a wealth of experience, perspective, and creativity that enhances our strategic vision. They play crucial roles in shaping company strategies, driving projects, and mentoring the next generation of leaders. This inclusive leadership approach has not only led to better business outcomes but also fostered a supportive and empowering environment for all employees.

A Different Perspective

Women at OXO bring diverse perspectives that are invaluable to our company. Their ability to approach problems with unique insights and solutions has been a significant asset. This diversity in thought and approach has helped us to innovate continually and stay ahead in a competitive industry. It has also led to a more empathetic and understanding workplace, where different viewpoints are respected and valued.

Positive Impact of Women in Corporate Roles

The positive impact of women in our corporate roles extends beyond just numbers. Women contribute to a collaborative and inclusive culture. Their involvement in various projects and initiatives has led to improved teamwork and enhanced productivity. The presence of women in significant roles also serves as inspiration for young professionals, showing that OXO is a place where talent and hard work are recognized and rewarded, regardless of gender.


Johannes Weissenbaeck, CEO of OXO Living:

“The energy and positive impact that women bring to our company are immeasurable. Their leadership, dedication, and innovative thinking have been pivotal to our success. Celebrating the contributions of women at OXO is not just about recognizing their achievements but also about reaffirming our commitment to fostering an environment where everyone can do their best. We are proud of the progress we have made and excited about the future we are building together.”

Anggun Melati, Director of Marketing and Sales:

“Women in real estate and hospitality are the architects of innovation and the heart of hospitality, bringing invaluable perspectives that enrich every experience and elevate every space.”

As we reflect on our 5th anniversary, we are filled with pride and optimism. The Year of Woman at OXO is a testament to our commitment to gender equality and the positive impact of women in our corporate environment. We look forward to continuing this journey, championing diversity, and celebrating the incredible contributions of women in our company.

We believe that our strength lies in our diversity. By empowering women and fostering an inclusive culture, we are not just building a successful business but also making a lasting impact on society. Here’s to the women of OXO and the bright future ahead!

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