OXO Features: Sustainability your home

How OXO Townhouses inspires and integrates sustainability practices into your daily lifestyle. Take a look at all the cool features in our upcoming project.

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Living and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle should be effortless. That is why at OXO we work hard to find ways to integrate the latest technologies and features into our projects. Specifically for OXO Townhouses, which is all about creating a conscious lifestyle, we wanted to make sure we do our part to help cancel out as much carbon footprint as possible on a daily basis, all without sacrificing lifestyle standards and conveniences.

Starting with the external structures, we have solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, which help save about 50% of energy consumption during the daytime. Now that is a pretty huge impact and not only just on your electricity bill. Utilising an off-grid system, which means greater energy independence, the panels are easy to maintain and no license is required.

Continuing with exterior features, each unit has its own bio-waste system which helps reduce water pollution. Wastewater goes into tanks where it then gets treated with live bacteria that turns it back into irrigation quality water. There is a private plunge pool in each unit, and the pool pump works only during the day. This alone already saves about 80% of power usage during the day. On the property site, there are also central recycling bins for all residents to use and regular recycling services included.

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Moving to the inside of the townhouses, we have installed reverse osmosis water filtering systems that purify tap water, making it safe to drink and cook with. The carbon footprint of getting drinking water is enormous, so having a water filter at home helps significantly reduce the footprint. Each unit also comes with a home energy monitor to help you be more aware of where your electricity consumption comes from, as well as a remote-controlled thermostat, which allows you to control the AC from anywhere at any time. This is highly practical for those times when you’ve already left the house for the day but forgot to turn the AC off – it happens to the best of us!

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Aside from all the technological aspects, the focus of our townhouses and where we really excel is design. It is not only about integrating these features seamlessly into our design and structure, it is more so about the architectural design – essentially the space in itself. Simply put, smaller square space equals less consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. Our design is minimal and focused on only what you need and nothing that you don’t, meaning no wasted space yet it still feels like luxury living. Maximal pleasure in a minimal living space.

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