Groundbreaking Move towards A Greener Future: OXO Composting Initiative

Revolutionizing waste management, we're setting the standard for eco-friendly practices in all our properties, fostering a community-driven commitment to sustainability."

In a groundbreaking move towards a greener future, OXO is set to launch its innovative composting initiative, paving the way for eco-friendly practices within our properties. The initiative began its pilot project in November 2023 at OXO Workland, and aims to revolutionize waste management by introducing composting on a full scale across all properties starting in January 2024.

This initiative represents a significant stride towards sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices. Composting reduces the environmental impact of waste and fosters a sense of responsibility and community engagement among the OXO family: our investors, members, tenants, guests, and staff.

“At OXO, we’re redefining living and co-working experience. Our composting initiative isn’t just about waste; it’s about providing tangible value to our community and investors. It’s an investment in sustainability, reflecting our dedication to creating world that prioritize both productivity and environmental responsibility.”

Johannes Weissenbaeck, CEO of OXO Group Indonesia

Key Statistics Projection and Impact:

In projecting the impact of the composting initiative, we consider key statistics that underscore its significance. With a 60% occupancy rate across 30 properties, the estimated total annual food waste is approximately 16,425 kg. This figure sets the baseline for the initiative’s potential influence on waste reduction.

Examining the carbon footprint, the estimated total carbon emissions stand at approximately 29,934.75 kgCO2e/year. This metric provides insight into the environmental impact of current waste management practices.

When we talk about the carbon offset through composting, we’re essentially talking about cutting down on harmful emissions. Let’s simplify it: The carbon Avoided by Composting, which is a whopping 29,934.75 kgCO2e/year, shows just how much pollution we’re preventing.

Understanding the environmental impact of the Carbon Avoided by Composting becomes more vivid when we think in terms of young trees. With the knowledge that young trees absorb CO2 at a rate of 26 kg per tree yearly, the 29,934.75 kgCO2e/year avoided through composting takes on a tangible perspective. Now, envision this as the equivalent of the annual CO2 absorption by over 1,043 young trees.

This metaphorical forest, grown through the positive environmental practices of composting, represents a substantial contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and fostering a healthier planet. It underscores how small individual efforts, like avoiding carbon emissions, collectively create a significant positive impact on our environment, much like a growing forest absorbing and neutralizing pollution.

Think of it like avoiding a big traffic jam; the more we avoid, the clearer the road becomes. In our case, avoiding carbon emissions means creating a cleaner, healthier environment. These numbers are like the roadmap, guiding us towards a waste-free future and a greener, more sustainable world. It’s not just a goal—it’s a real, measurable way we’re making a positive difference for our planet.

The composting initiative sets a benchmark for #BuildTomorrowToday practices within the property and hospitality industries. As OXO Workland rolls out this composting initiative, it sends a powerful message: sustainable practices are integral to success. This is not just waste management; it’s a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

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