Ecoverse: OXO x Nuanu Property Group Open House

The Investment Proportion of Ecoverse presents a highly lucrative opportunity for potential investors, encompassing various dimensions that amplify the appeal of this distinctive venture.

In a convergence of elegance and investment prospects, the Ecoverse Open House, a collaboration between OXO and Nuanu Property Group, took center stage on December 12, 2023, within the innovative community center of OXO Workland. With 63 participants in attendance, the event unfolded as a momentum to the evolution of design, sustainability, and investment in Bali. This event will be a regular monthly event in OXO Workland.

At the heart of Ecoverse lies the culmination of OXO’s celebrated design, now in its third and refined version. This evolution proves a highly optimized approach, resulting in unparalleled detail, optimal space utilization, and unbelievable functionality. Ecoverse offers a glimpse into the future of residential living with a touch of Balinese sophistication.

Positioned strategically 6km from Canggu and 17km from the International Airport, Ecoverse is not just a development; it’s a destination. A mere 400m from the beach and adjacent to Nuanu, Bali’s latest and largest tourism infrastructure development, Ecoverse stands as the epitome of Bali’s new investment hotspot.

Ecoverse doesn’t just promise residences; it presents purpose-built investment homes. It’s a turnkey development, fully equipped with furniture, and fittings, and ready for immediate occupation. Professional management ensures effortless ownership, while superior construction management, certified by comprehensive certifications, guarantees the highest quality.

Built with an eye on sustainability, Ecoverse incorporates green block bricks, drinking water filtration, water management systems, sustainable cooling, photovoltaic power, and recycling & waste management. It’s not just a home; it’s a commitment to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Ecoverse transcends the traditional concept of residential spaces. It introduces a variety of selected residential and resort facilities for the convenience of guests and investors alike. From a library and clubhouse to co-working spaces, a pool bar, a fitness center, and a swimming pool, Ecoverse transforms living into an experience.

The Investment Proportion of Ecoverse presents a highly lucrative opportunity for potential investors, encompassing various dimensions that amplify the appeal of this distinctive venture. Under Property Appreciation, the allure begins with pre-sale prices set 10% lower than public sale prices, offering a compelling entry point. Anticipation builds as a substantial 20% price increase is projected by the completion of the project, promising early investors significant returns. Looking ahead, the resale value is anticipated to soar, reaching an impressive 30% higher than the initial pre-sale prices after a mere three years. The pinnacle of this investment journey manifests in a robust 44% property appreciation forecasted by the fifth year, driven by the burgeoning growth of Nuanu City and the continuous influx of resort revenue streams.

The Rental Pool ROI component further solidifies Ecoverse as an investment powerhouse. With a commitment to transparency, investors can expect a fair ROI allocation within the rental pool. The management of these properties is meticulously tailored to nurture growing ROI, with flexible unit configurations accommodating various operating models. A structured system of quarterly reporting and earnings distribution ensures a transparent and equitable experience for investors seeking to capitalize on the dynamic real estate market.

Ecoverse’s commitment to sustainability extends into the Green Power ROI, where a 0.4% return on investment is coupled with a groundbreaking 50% reduction in cooling power carbon emissions. The Green Power Investment, a cornerstone of Ecoverse’s commitment to environmental responsibility, aspires to achieve an impressive 65% reduction in cooling power carbon emissions, with a focus on climate control and energy savings.

Total Investor Benefits encapsulate the comprehensive advantages awaiting those who choose to invest in Ecoverse. A projected average total ROI of 16% over a decade positions Ecoverse as a stable and rewarding investment. Additionally, investors are treated to 21 complimentary short-term stays in the rental pool, fostering an intimate connection with the development. The flexibility of long-term stays, exceeding six months and without limitation, adds another layer of appeal. Furthermore, a generous 15% deduction is extended across all services, including food and beverage, spa amenities, co-working spaces, excursions, and electric vehicle rental. Special benefits and access to Ecoverse, as they become available, provide investors with an exclusive and privileged position within this exceptional investment opportunity.

The Ecoverse Open House at OXO Workland wasn’t just an event; it was an invitation to embrace the future of living, investing, and sustainability. As the doors of OXO Workland opened to showcase this exquisite venture, it marked the beginning of a new chapter in Bali’s real estate landscape—a chapter defined by sophistication, sustainability, and unparalleled investment potential. Welcome to Ecoverse, where luxury meets sustainability, and investment transcends expectations.

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