Raising the bar of smart living in Indonesia.

Luxury redefined.

OXO Townhouses focuses on luxury essentials. The highest standards of architecture, premium lifestyle locations and innovative sustainable design create a rewarding, mindful and effortless living experience.

We have designed the highest possible ratio of minimal floor space to maximal experience, achieving unparalleled value from both and investment and rental perspective.

Everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

From integrated sustainable features and smart home technologies, to luxury touches mixed with minimalist design elements, OXO Townhouses gives you all that you need for an effortless and quality living experience.

From the moment you enter the house, relax and let your smart home assistant aid you. It can turn on lights, put on music, turn on the TV or whatever you’re in the mood for. Cook up an effortless meal in your well-equipped kitchen; never worry about laundry service with your in-house washer and dryer and reduce your energy consumption with the solar panel systems. With your smart home security cameras at both ends of the Townhouse go to bed each night and enjoy a restful, peaceful sleep.

Recent News

Sustainability is The New Sexy

OXO is transforming sustainable hospitality in Bali, significantly reducing carbon emissions and setting new industry standards. Through innovative eco-friendly practices and guest education, OXO exemplifies environmental stewardship and strategic sustainability.