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Today, in a world where new technologies are developing every day, consumerism habits are at its peak, and waste is accumulating tenfold, sometimes we forget to just breath and remember what exactly it is that we truly need in order to live a fulfilling life. Now by waste, we don’t necessarily mean physical waste – we’re talking more about unnecessary clutter – mentally, habitually, and physically – that distract us from living life to its full potential.

Now imagine a life where you have exactly what you need, and nothing that you don’t. The idea of this might be hard to wrap your mind around at first, as we are all brought up in a society based on consumerism and that more is better, but this kind of accumulation is simply not sustainable – neither for yourself nor our amazing planet. At OXO we believe less is essentially more; quality over quantity. We believe that self-sustainability, organisation, and an awareness for our own footprints is the key to a conscious future.


What contributes to a conscious lifestyle?

Sustainability and Eco-Awareness

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Living sustainably and in an eco-friendly way doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices to your standard of living. At OXO, our concept is luxury at no cost. Through innovation and creativity, we combine the luxuries of the modern world with the humble necessities of a conscious mind, giving you premium homes – the first of its kind in Bali – featuring self-sustainable features intertwined with modern luxury standards. We make sustainability effortless.

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Living and Space

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While generally speaking the more commonly discussed part of the idea of conscious living is about the bigger picture – about what we can do for our planet and future, a lot of people overlook the more immediate and closer-to-home side. It’s easy to forget that it’s also about you. A conscious lifestyle starts and ends with you and your own well-being, and it’s about how to live your life in a way so you find the most joy and self-improvement, elevating the way you be.

Our houses promote the idea of minimalism. It’s all focused on organisation and decluttering, and we encourage you to filter your life. It’s about everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

What exactly do you really need? What sits around with no use? Getting rid of unnecessary clutter and training yourself to do so is extremely liberating and can have an extreme impact on your life, allowing you to focus yourself on other things.

Health and Well-Being

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OXO focuses on different areas of lifestyle, not just homes. We have voyages geared at detoxing your mind and connecting you with nature, smart workspaces to promote a healthy work-life and encourage the sharing of ideas and exchanging of knowledge, as well as lifestyle materials and tools that promote education and self-enrichment.

A big part of consciousness for us is keeping a healthy mind and lifestyle, focusing on yourself, your needs, and what gives you joy in life. We encourage these concepts in dining, sports, and leisure.


What is the take-away?

At OXO, we believe that in being conscious and aware of your own footprints, your own spaces, and your own well-being, you will be well-equipped to find true joy and create a fulfilling and joyful lifestyle at no cost.

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