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Advancements in technology, particularly in smart home features, have made an easier lifestyle more accessible. Now you can effortlessly turn on and off lights, control your music and entertainment systems, manage your home security, and handle your AC consumption all through voice commands or mobile apps. More importantly, a lot of the smart home technologies these days encourage us to be conscious of our individual energy consumption and can help to lower not only monthly bills but overall energy waste.

Here are 5 smart technology features in OXO Townhouses that can help improve your lifestyle.

Google Home Assistant

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Let’s just start off and say, the Google Home Assistant is a pretty cool piece of technology. Each of our units features one in every room, from which many daily conveniences can be automated or controlled via voice command or remotely from your phone. You can simply speak to your Google Home Assistant and it can turn on and manage connected devices. It can perform actions such as turn on lights, play music, set daily alarms, mark your digital calendar, send you alerts and much more. You can also ask general questions and the assistant will search the Internet and give you the best response. What’s more interesting, is you can speak to it remotely from your phone to perform commands at home. With personal automation, you can essentially tell the assistant that you are on your way home, and it can turn on everything to the settings you pre-set, in preparation for your arrival.

Smart Security Cameras

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There are two CCTV security cameras in each unit, one in the front and one in the back, providing all-around home security. The cameras can be linked to your mobile device and managed through an app. They feature 360-degree rotation, infrared night vision, and motion detection. The mobile app allows you the ability to go through stored footage, maneuver the cameras and angles while you are away from home and receive motion detection alerts straight to your phone. With a talkback feature, you can even speak through the camera remotely.

Smart Lighting

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Each OXO Townhouse features smart lighting in every room. These lights are connected to the Google Home Assistant and they can be turned on, adjusted and turned off simply by giving a voice command. Imagine coming home with an armful of grocery bags and need to turn the lights on, or you’re already in bed and forgot to turn one of them off downstairs – smart lighting can help your daily life run smoother. The smart lights can also be controlled from a mobile app, so you won’t have to worry in case you accidentally leave one on and are out and about for the whole day.

Google Nest Thermostat

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Having a Google Nest Thermostat can greatly help you save on energy consumption and reduce monthly bills. It allows you to adjust your AC and temperature at home while you are out. This is great for setting your home to the perfect temperature for when you return, or in cases where you forget to turn the AC off, you can do so remotely from your mobile device. With the Nest thermostat, you can also check how much energy you use and from where your consumption comes, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust your daily energy habits.

UHD Smart TV

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Each unit features a Smart TV with a wide variety of entertainment functions and apps. You can browse the Internet, watch movies, play music, games and much more, all through the convenience of one easy-to-use platform. And with connection to the Google Home Assistant, you can conveniently control the system with voice command.



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