The new nomadic accommodation concept.

Imagine a self-sufficient hotel that can be installed in half a day, wherever desired. And by wherever desired, we mean that almost literally.

The Flying Nest is a mobile hotel concept designed by Ora-ïto, using converted shipping containers by Capsa, that can be packed up and moved. French AccorHotels group has been experimenting with this new nomadic accommodation concept and has plans to make it available to the public this winter.

Each room is a converted shipping container and designed to have a chalet vibe. Featuring minimalist design and sustainable features, each room is 12 square metres and includes a living area and private bathroom. A large window takes up one wall, which frames the landscape and offers priceless views directly from the bed. The units can be stacked on top of each other and are connected together by terraced walkways.


“We worked on creating an immersive experience more than just a room.”


The hotel is self-sufficient, meaning it can be placed in a wide range of terrains such as the middle of a desert or the top of a mountain. It can be used in conjunction with festivals and sporting events, allowing for guests to be right in the centre of the action. The Flying Nest is not simply a hotel, it is a hospitality experience.

AccorHotels has been testing the concept. In March 2017, they placed a prototype in Clairefontaine allowing fans to sleep steps away from where France’s national football team trains. They then moved the prototype to the 24 Hours of Le Mans where guests watched cars race by just meters from their beds. 

This winter, the Flying Nest will be rolled out to the public, debuting at Avoriaz ski resort at 1,800 meters, allowing guests to hit the slopes straight out of bed.

This is where the future of the hospitality experience is taking us.


All photos via Ora-ïto

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