Luxury travel trend. Get lost into the unknown.

No longer are vacations about lavish 5-star resorts, high-end amenities nor the most in-demand spots and fashionable locales. People are now spending large amounts of money to essentially be stripped down to the basics.

While eco-tourism has been a rising trend in luxury travel, it’s been taken one step even further. Introducing – for those who dare – real exploration. It’s all about reconnecting with nature, delving into the unknown and discovering the wonders of an “unchartered territory”.

Photo via Black Tomato Travel

Some have even taken that to the extreme. One contemporary travel company named Black Tomato offers “Get Lost” trips, secret and personally tailored trips providing extreme adventures to remote locations around the world. Based on your preferences, a mystery destination is chosen for you when you arrive, you have to figure out where you are and how to explore it.

Would you dare to discover?

Take a look at this article from about this growing travel trend, and find out more about the travel companies that provide these extreme and unique experiences to help you “get lost”.

Luxury Travel’s Latest Frontier: Getting Lost, For Real



Banner photo via Black Tomato Travel

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