What differentiates OXO Hospitality from the mass?

Discover the essence of OXO Hospitality - where the magic lies not just in the tangible aspects but in the warmth and genuine care that characterize true hospitality.

It’s all about the word “Hospitality”. Hospitality installs warmth, a feeling of genuine care and attention into a property. The physical appearance of a property can be copied, and it is indeed, as we all notice. Hospitality is difficult to copy. It’s the “je ne sais quoi”, a special distinguished feeling of an indescribable experience and quality.

Incidentally, there is a significant difference between “Service” and “Hospitality”. “Hospitality”, depends on feelings and impressions, the essence of “Service” resides in action. Delivering something from point A to point B or to perform a function is for all intent and purpose “Service”. While the tasks themselves do not involve emotion, they can enable it.

The manner by which it is done will either create a hospitable memory or a hostile moment. Carrying them out in a hospitable and professional manner will evoke positive emotions and memorable experiences for our guests, and they will become our brand ambassadors.

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Sustainability is The New Sexy

OXO is transforming sustainable hospitality in Bali, significantly reducing carbon emissions and setting new industry standards. Through innovative eco-friendly practices and guest education, OXO exemplifies environmental stewardship and strategic sustainability.