OXO Living partners with ONE Global Resorts, for a big move.

One of the most important and unique aspects of the One Global Resorts and OXO Living collaboration is the access to a large corporate consumer base and leisure market.

PropertiTerkini.com, (JAKARTA) – ONE Global Resorts, the hotel investment and management platform of One Global Capital collaborates and partners with OXO Living.

“Through OXO Living, our focus is to provide unique offerings through boutique properties managed and developed by OXO Living,” said CEO and Founder of ONE Global Capital, Iwan Sunito.

OXO Group Indonesia is a property development and management company with a vision to create inspiring and rewarding lifestyles for guests and investors. Since its inception in 2015, OXO properties and experiences are known for their uncompromising standards, smart design, premium services and sustainable future.

Currently, OXO has around 30 properties in Bali including private residences, villas, townhouses, co-working studios, resorts and a 20-metre yacht in Komodo National Park. One Global Resorts is a hotel and serviced apartment and Management Platform from One Global Capital Pty Ltd born out of a vision to create architecturally inspired, spacious and luxurious urban resort experiences.

One Global Resorts launched its first product through SKYE Suites serviced apartments in 2017, and the second in 2018, followed by the third SKYE Suites in 2019. “We have increased our turnover from IDR40 billion to more than IDR200 billion in 2021,” Iwan added. By 2024 One Global Resorts set a 7-year target to develop its next 1000-room hotel, as well as increase its asset holdings from IDR2 trillion to IDR10 trillion.

One Global’s next generation of resort hotels, the 220-room Macquarie Park Hotel is scheduled for completion in 2027 and the 175-room Chatswood Hotel in 2028.

“Johannes Weissenbaeck is a creative genius and an extraordinary thinker. I have had the honour of knowing and collaborating with him since the launch of V by Crown Group in Parramatta in 2010,” he explained.

Iwan Sunito further said the collaboration will combine the strengths and expertise of the organisations.

“The team from Global Resorts has experience in Sydney’s 5-Star hospitality sector through the SKYE Suites hotel chain, which within 4 years has successfully created a prestigious brand and has the title of one of the best hotels in Sydney,” Iwan said.

Meanwhile, Johannes and his team have expertise in property development and management with a vision of creating luxury lifestyles through OXO Living.
“We both share styles and values through the same passion and purpose to create and manage buildings,” he said.

Bali is One Global Resorts’ leap into the world

According to Iwan, Bali is very special. It is a turning point for him. The brand chose Bali as the cornerstone of ONE Global Resorts’ leap into the wider world. According to the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), Bali’s tourism achievements in 2023 are very encouraging. Bali’s tourism sector showed a remarkable recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of overseas travellers to Bali in 2023 doubled compared to 2022 (2,332,012 overseas tourists).

In the two years post COVID-19, the increase in foreign tourists to Bali has been rapid and by the end of 2023 is estimated to reach 5.5 million. More than one million Australians visit Indonesia each year. Australian travellers contribute IDR18 trillion (AUD$1.8 billion) per year to the Indonesian economy.
Iwan revealed that one of the most important and unique aspects of the One Global Resorts and OXO Living collaboration is the access to a large corporate consumer base and leisure market that will benefit each hotel they manage in Bali. “And I am very excited to collaborate again with Johannes,” Iwan Sunito concluded.

In response, Johannes Weissenbaeck, CEO and Founder of OXO Living expressed his enthusiasm for the business collaboration with ONE Global Residence. “I have known Iwan Sunito for the past two decades and he is an inspirational figure for me personally,” he said.

Johannes Weissenbaeck is a creative entrepreneur, visionary, lateral thinker and public speaker with over 25 years of business experience in the UK, Australia, Austria, Germany and Indonesia.
In late 2014, Johannes moved to Bali and developed OXO’s first property, the luxury villa Villa Chameleon, which received international awards and recognition.

Since then, Johannes has continued to grow OXO into one of Bali’s leading boutique property development and management companies.

“We share the same passion in creating a sophiticated lifestyle through boutique buildings, and I think this is a strong foundation in this collaboration,” he said.
“And this is one of our contributions to Indonesia through the cross border between Indonesia and Australia,” Johannes continued.

According to Johannes, the Indonesian government’s initiative to allow Australians to travel to the island of Bali visa-free in 2024 will open up great opportunities for Australian travellers.

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