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Aboard a Raw Luxury Pleasure Yacht

OXO Voyages offers inspiring, raw experiences aboard our luxury pleasure yacht Splendour. 

Offering a boating experience unlike any other, Splendour focuses on contemporary design, appreciation for nature, and mindful, quality time.

Spanning 65 feet in length and spread over 3 flat-surfaced decks for maximum comfort and space, Splendour is the only of its kind in Indonesia. Discover breathtaking natural beauty and enjoy a wide variety of carefully curated experiences, all the while in comfort and style.

Our voyages include everything you need and nothing that you don’t, and with more boats joining our fleet this year, set sail on an adventure of a lifetime with OXO.



"Amazing and definitely the highlight of our holiday.  Komodo National Park is really a world wonder. The yacht itself is beautifully designed with lots of space. The crew are gorgeous and the food was delicious. We all felt safe and in good hands. Thank you Splendour!"

Melissa Etridge, California, USA

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Komodo Adventure


Voyage to the Spectacular Komodo Islands

An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the natural wonders that Komodo has to offer.

OXO offers inspiring voyages to the world-famous Komodo National Park, aboard our luxury yacht Splendour. 

Whether a 3-day getaway or a month long expedition, experience all that Komodo has to offer with visits to our secret spots, the most magical sunsets, uniquely curated activities and more. Easily accessible from Bali and offering a wide spectrum of unparalleled scenery, our Komodo voyages combine the best of all worlds.