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Welcome to the OXO blog, a place to keep up to date about what inspires us. 


We have curated a selection of casual reads; articles, features, guides and events to feed your mind. Take a look and keep up to date with all things design and lifestyle that we find interesting.


A Luxurious Yacht Voyage Through Komodo Island

Experience the magic of Komodo Island with Splendour - a luxury yacht that offers unforgettable experiences in the islands of Indonesia.

Feel good and giving healthier drinking culture.

In a culturally advancing world where increasingly we are mindful about health, people are searching for more elevated ways to indulge in the social act of “drinking”.

Luxury travel trend. Get lost into the unknown.

How far will you go to connect with nature? Take a look at this article from, People are now spending large amounts of money to essentially be stripped down to the basics.

OXO Features. Redefining what it means to live consciously.

As new lifestyle group in Bali, we provide spaces and experiences that focus on the idea of a conscious future. But what exactly does conscious living mean to OXO?


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